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Keypad Locks
Keypad locks seem to be the hottest type of lock out there right now. A keypad lock gives you all the benefits of a traditional lock, yet you get to lose the key!!

The idea sounds great and in theory it is, however there is always a caveat. If someone else gets a hold of your code, then they have the same access that you do. With this being said, keypad locks are a great way to go. They can offer the same security of a standard lock, so that makes them a real option for your home, business or wherever.

About KeyPad Locks
KeyPad locks are available as an individual lock or as part of a larger security environment. KeyPad locks generally require power to use, the reason being is that when you enter the proper code into the lock, a small electric current releases the lock bolt.

Drawbacks of using KeyPad locks include power disruption. Basically if the lock loses power, it will not open. If the lock is an individual KeyPad lock, then it likely just requires a change of battery. If it is part of a larger security environment (such as a building security system) then you have likely lost power to the entire system.

If the power on the lock is cut, the lock will remain locked, so at least a burglar can't just waltz in.

The other thing to keep in mind with these types of locks is that you will want to change your code, periodically. Similar to the way you change passwords on your e-mail or computer from time to time. This can be a hassle if more than one person is using the lock.

This type of lock would be good for an individual who has trouble with finding or losing their keys. It is an option for those with kids that might get locked out of the house, without a key.

For many the benefits outweigh the problems, so if this sounds good, then a KeyPad lock might be right for you.

Digital Locks
In the future we seem to be destined to use digital locks. A digital lock is similar to a keypad lock, yet can be opened in other unique ways.

While most still offer the traditional keypad on the lock itself.  You can also open your door using a radiofrequency card which you either wave over a sensor on the lock or insert into a slot to open. If you have stayed at a hotel recently, then you are probably familiar with this key card type technology.

Some of the new locks can be opened using fingerprint technology or even your smart phone.

Not having to deal with keys is certainly a plus. It looks like in the near future we will be entering our houses without keys, thanks to the digital lock.

Companies like Samsung offer leading technologies in the field of digital locks.